Thief Nabbed in the Act

 | Fri 6 Nov 2015 07:29 ICT

CityNews – November 5th, a Shan man was arrested for theft in Ban Wiang apartment in the Sri Phum area.


The theif was identified as Ta (no surname), 33, living in the San Sai area.

The police also seized 15,000 baht.

Earlier, police had been informed of several thefts by the apartment’s owner, Methira Mahawongthong, leading to investigations and monitoring.

Ta admitted to his crime and told the police that he was arrested on drug charges and had been jailed for two years.

After he was released in 2010, he worked in construction sites. Yet he could not make ends meet. He watched movies and attempted to imitate their theft scenes by climbing on air compressors to gain entry.

He would choose the rooms whose back doors were left unlocked. One of the rooms he broke in was rented by a foreign tourist. He had committed the same crime four times taking a total haul of around 60,000 baht which he spent on his personal expenses and drugs. This time he was caught red handed and arrested.

He awaits prosecution.

He was also issued a letter for staying in the kingdom without permission.