Tha Pae Fighting Teens Arrested

 | Wed 25 Jul 2018 03:57 ICT

CityNews – A group of teenagers who started a fight at Tha Pae Gate have been arrested.

After a video clip of a fight between teens was shared online, police began an investigation into the incident in order to identify the suspects.

The fight that occurred during the night of July 23rd at Tha Pae Gate showed a number of teens fighting in front of locals and tourists, one allegedly wielding a knife.

After a short investigation, police identified four suspects who were involved in the fight. Police managed to find the suspects and arrest them the following day. They were all aged between 15 and 19.

The suspects confessed that they were riding around town on their motorbikes when they were taunted by the other group. They admitted that it was an act of anger.

Police reassured the public by confirming that they have been actively patrolling the city to prevent incidents like this one occurring as much as possible, and have urged all citizen to keep a watch on teens to help keep the community safe.