Teens Violently Attack Off Duty Police Officer After Mistaking Him For Gang Member

 | Thu 22 Mar 2018 06:13 ICT

CityNews – A police officer was assaulted by a gang of teens in San pa Tong after they mistook him for a member of a rival gang.

On 21st March, the father of Police Senior Sergeant Major Somkiat Wongsuwan filed a police report, claiming that his son was severely assaulted by a gang of teens on 20th March. The assault happened during the poi luang ceremony in the village.

During the event, a gang brawl broke out, and Somkiat and his friends reportedly tried to stop the fight. While trying to stop the ball, the gang of teens turned on him and attacked him instead. He suffered sever injury to the head and has already undergone two emergency brain operations at San Pa Tong Hospital where he remains hospitalised.

After the police report was filed, police opened an investigation and arrested four suspects later the same day. The suspects confessed to police, saying that they attacked Somkiat as they thought he was a member of their rival gang and because he was carrying a gun. Somkiat was off duty so was not in police uniform at the time of the attack.

The teens were brought to the hospital to apologise to Somkiat and his family before they were released pending further prosecution.