Suspected Serial Rapists Arrested

 | Tue 25 Aug 2015 02:55 ICT

CityNews – August 22, police region 5 arrested two suspects for raping a woman in Doi Saket area and snatching her mobile phone.


The two suspects were identified as Satit Manopaeng, 30, and Sutin Jainam, 28. They both are originally from Chiang Rai.

The police also seized a motorcycle, a t-shirt belonging to Satit (he wore the t-shirt on the day of the incident), and a mobile phone as evidence.

On August 20, as a woman was riding her motorcycle in Doi Saket area, her motorcycle was kicked by two men who later dragged her into a brush and raped her. Her mobile phone was also taken away.

After studying CCTV footages and getting some clues from residents, the police were finally able to identify the suspects, leading to the arrest.

The suspects admitted to their crime. They told police they worked as builders in Doi Saket’s Talad Kwan sub-district and on the day in question, they were intoxicated. They also told police that they did the crime only once.

However, the police believe the suspects had done the crime several times as other five similar cases had been reported.

The investigations are ongoing.