Son Confesses to Fatal Accident After His Father’s False Confession

 | Thu 8 Nov 2018 09:11 ICT

An update on the tragic story of a single mother of three killed in reckless hit and run.

Following a fatal traffic accident on November 4th that killed a kindergarten teacher and mother of three, controversy emerged that the man who turned himself in to police and admitted responsibility for the hit and run was not actually the driver.

Witnesses have identified Jarun Eaksowan, 66, who turned himself in to police, as the passenger at the time of the accident. According to the police report, evidence confirms that Jarun’s son was, in fact, the driver.

Pasin Worawanawan, 43, the son, turned himself in on November 7th. He stated that after the crash, Jarun told him to go home and gather documents and he was not aware that his father would surrender himself.

Jarun told a similar story. He claimed that he mislead authorities because his son is now the main pillar of the family. Pasin is charged with hit and run while his father is charged with perjury.

The case is now being prosecuted.