Soldier Murdered his 13 year old Partner in Lovers’ Quarrel

 | Wed 29 May 2019 10:00 ICT

CityNews – A soldier murdered his 13 year old partner and committed suicide.

On May 27th at a residence in Tha Ton, Mae Ai District, two bodies were found. Police are able to identify both of them who were a 13 year old girl and Sorapong Jako, 29, a soldier. The girl had multiple wounds on her head and body caused by a knife which was found at the scene while the man appeared to have hanged himself from the roof of the house.

According to statement from their relative who lives nearby, the two had been living together as couple, they were last seen at the house around 8pm last night. They had not leave the house since then, and the relative who went to inspect the house found their bodies. Police concluded that this homicide occurred from a quarrel between the couple which erupted from jealousy of the man who suspected the girl might have an affair.