A Single Mother Dies in Fatal Collision

 | Tue 6 Nov 2018 08:16 ICT
A fatal collision occurred on November 4th on P Tan- Ban Tho Road in Pa Tan. A motorcycle with three passengers was about to turn right when a sedan, approaching at high speed while attempting to overtake them, struck the motorcylce from behind. The motorcycle driver was a kindergarten teacher and the two passengers were her children, who were rushed to the hospital. The mother died at the scene.
Jarun Eaksowan, the sedan driver, stated that he will take full responsibility for the crash.
Chairit Wannaprapha, the administrator of the school where the deceased worked, stated that the teacher was suffering from cancer and was a single mother of three children. One of her children reportedly suffers from a congenital illness and the other two have been ordained as Buddhist novices. Chairit stated she was a hard working woman who was well loved by the staff. The school will be supporting the funeral for the family.
According to reports, the family of the deceased was given 40,000 baht in compensation.