Si Wari Sathan Monk Allegedly Involved in Prostitution

 | Thu 18 Oct 2018 08:13 ICT

According to the police report, evidence indicates that Phra Pansak Thitseeloe, 37, a monk at Wat Si Wari Sathan, sexually assaulted two boys repeatedly during March and July of this year. Phra Pansak has also been accused of being involved with prostitution.

Following the arrest of monk at Wat Si Wari Sathan on October 16th for sexually assaulting children under 15 years old, residents living near the temple are shocked and appalled. Kanchit Monkamdee, a respected member of the temple, expressed his surprise at the case and stated that Phra Pansak, who was an acting abbot of the temple, had been working at the temple for two years, with no signs of inappropriate behavior.

Chansom Kamanee, 63, a regular temple visitor was also shaken by the allegations. She revealed that during her visit with Phra Pansak in prison, he expressed his regrets.  Although this arrest was carried out based on a firm evidence, Chansom says that Phra Pansak told her he would seek ordination again if found innocent of the charges.