September Nimmanhaemin Bank Robber Arrested

 | Mon 5 Oct 2015 09:38 ICT

CityNews – October 2, Police have released a statement claiming the arrest of the bank robber who stole 56,000 baht from the Thanachart Bank on Nimmanhaemin Road on September 30.

bank robber

The robber was identified as 23-year-old Puttharak Lapeng, from Chiang Rai.

Police seized a gun, helmet and clothes he wore in the day in question, and 10,000 baht in cash.

Police used CCTV to track the bike after it left Nimmanhaemin Road and tracked his escape route. He drove out to a remote location and changed clothes before driving back to his workplace.

Puttharak confessed to the crime and told police that he had little money, working as a blacksmith. He had borrowed money from his friends, which turned into debts he could not pay off.

He decided to rob the bank in order to pay back his increasing debt, imitating what he had seen in the movies.