Police Warn of Teen Bikers Opening Car Doors on Canal Road

 | Mon 5 Jun 2017 07:41 ICT

CityNews – The police have issued a warning to anyone travelling along the canal road towards the 700 Years Stadium at night as gangs of teenagers on bikes have been reportedly intimidating people on the road and trying to open car doors at junctions.

Police have begun patrolling the area after a complaint was made by a female driver who was surrounded by the teenage bikers while she was stopped at a red light. The gang tried to open her car doors but she managed to drive away, turning towards the Chang Pueak Police Station. The teens then chased her car until she got close to the station before they turned away.

On June 4, police patrols stopped a group of teen bikers who were charged with smoking and drinking in front of the Chiang Mai 700 year stadium, and 19 motorcycles were seized.