Police Suspect Man Murdered for 2,000 Baht

 | Tue 19 Dec 2017 12:11 ICT

CityNews – A man was murdered over a 2,000 baht debt.

Police received a report on the night of December 16th about a homicide case at a rental house in T. Nong Yaeng, A. San Sai. The body of a 46 year old Burmese man, Jai Mia-ong, was found with slash wounds on his neck and face. A police report on December 18th revealed that on the day of the crime, the victim went to collect a 2,000 baht debt from a man nicknamed Tong (his real name is yet unknown) and the two ended up having an argument. After the victim came back to his residence, police speculated that Tong might have followed the man and killed him with a sharp tool.

The victim’s motorcycle was also stolen.

The victim’s relatives posted the crime scene photos on Facebook a day after the crime asking social network to help find the murderer. The police have asked her to delete and censor the crime photos that contain sensitive content.