Police In Search of Naked Man Posing on Highway

 | Thu 4 Jun 2015 09:04 ICT

CityNews – On June 3rd, a picture of a naked man standing next to a sign and grabbing his genitals began circulating online. The man is seen standing next to a road sign that reads “Chiang Mai 8 Kilometres” and also displays the text for the Twitter handle “@outdoor_fins”. The account has since been suspended.

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Netizens have condemned the act as indecent behaviour meant to disgrace the culture and name of Chiang Mai, seeing as how the man poses next to a sign that clearly displays the city’s name.

After inspection of the photo, police and officials determined that it was taken on Kan Klong Chonlapratan road en route to Mae Rim.

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The police have yet to identify the man. According to Police Major General Pacha Rattanapan, deputy chief of Police Region 5, police have been assigned to track the man down and prosecute him for the offense. Those that distribute the photo may also be considered to be in offense of the Computer Crime Act.

The Police Major General claims that the man may be an adolescent seeking attention and likened the incident to one that occurred two years ago when a naked man rode a Ducati motorcycle around the Chiang Mai moat.