Pickpocket Gang Arrested

 | Tue 22 Dec 2015 09:09 ICT

CityNews – December 21st, police arrested a pickpocket gang who pickpocketed victims at the Sunday Walking Street in Prasing Sub-district.

pickpocket gang

The pickpocket gang was made up of two men, aged 36 and 19, and three women, aged 21, 28, and 35. They were all arrested and found to be in possession of stolen items, including an iPad, a mobile phone, bags, and several ATM cards.

The police were able to trace the gang by tracking a stolen mobile phone.

The suspects confessed that they had conducted the same crimes in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

The told the police they had planned to go Bangkok to pickpocket, but they were arrested before they left.

They all await prosecution.