Peeping Tom Arrested After Being Caught Spying on Sleeping Students

 | Tue 5 Jul 2016 05:44 ICT

CityNews – Chang Dao police have arrested a man suspected of entering a young female dormitory and spying on students and young teachers during the night, after he was spotted and scared some students.

pervert spy

35-year-old Janthip Yoona was arrested on July 4 after he was identified by police using CCTV footage and eyewitness reports.

He admitted to sneaking onto the grounds of Princess Ubonratana School and sneaking into the dormitories to spy on female children and teenage students and resident teachers.

He told police he was spying on the students and teachers so that he could potentially steal their belongings, but was caught by students that screamed at him in fear, waking the resident teachers.

He managed to escape but police quickly identified him and arrested him.