One Dead, Another Injured in Argument at Chang Phueak Home

 | Wed 13 Jun 2018 08:21 ICT

CityNews – A man was found dead in his residence with his injured roommate.

On June 13th, police investigated a residence in Chang Phueak after receiving a report that a man was found dead in his room. Upon their arrival in the early hours of the morning, police found a man who was later identified as Suk Khankaew, 56, lying dead in the room with an injury to his neck. He appeared to have died from a loss a lot of blood. Another man was found at the scene, alive, with numerous injuries to his body.

Locals in the neighbourhood reported to the police that there were a loud argument coming from Suk Khankaew’s home at around 1am. Police also received a statement that there were three people in the room, the deceased, the injured man and another man called Kaew.

Police are now investigating in search for the third man and gathering evidence for further conclusions.