Omkoi declared a model of opium eradication

 | Wed 26 Sep 2018 02:20 ICT

Upon the announcement of a five year plan to eradicate opium and drugs and to improve security in Omkoi, yesterday, the Omkoi Security Centre presented that the area has been appointed to be a model in disrupting the illegal opium trade. This year in Omkoi as a result of law enforcement efforts, opium farms have reduced to 56 rai which is a 93% decrease from last year. So far, 218 cases have been prosecuted with over a million pills of yaba and 1,700 g of ‘ice’, and 42 g of opium. The collective number of drug abusers in 2018 is at about 1,500 people. Already, about 90 people have been rehabilitated from opium addiction. To support to law enforcement efforts, rehabilitation, and transition from opium farming and drug dealing, about 38 million baht has been invested into career promotion.