Necklace Snatcher Arrested 10 Minutes After Crime

 | Tue 9 Feb 2016 03:39 ICT

CityNews – A jewellery snatcher was arrested on February 8 after he was arrested 10 minutes after he snatched a gold necklace and hid in a house in the same village.

neckace snatcher
The suspect, identified as 36-year-old Tewarit Pakphumpattana from Doi Saket, was found within 10 minutes after he snatched a woman’s gold necklace while he drove a motorcycle past her in the Tasala sub-district.

After the victim, 23-year-old Wanitchaya Armart, informed the police, officers quickly searched the area and found the motorcycle that Tewarit was riding parked outside a house in the same area.

The owner was outside and claimed that Tewarit had a gun and was hiding inside.

Police later apprehended the suspect after a small stand off before realising the gun was fake.

Tewarit confessed that he stole the necklace, because he was unemployed and needed money to claim his girlfriend’s assets back from a pawn shop.

He awaits prosecution.