Mystery Woman Found Brutally Murdered

 | Mon 11 Jan 2016 08:19 ICT

CityNews – January 8th, the body of a woman, aged around 30, was discovered in a room in an apartment in Doi Saket district.


The body was found with injuries to the head and body — an approximately 5 centimetre long cut to the head and five stab wounds on the neck and the body.

The body is believed to have been dead for at least six hours before it was discovered by the apartment’s employees.

Police found a doctor’s gown with the name of Dr. Pornpen Na Muangpeng and a teacher uniform with the same name in the room.

However, after investigating, the police didn’t find a person with the name of Pornpen working in any hospitals and schools in the area.

According to the police, the suspect pushed a pillow against the woman’s face in order that she could not call out for help.

The police suspected a man who drove a pickup truck with the woman to the apartment the previous day (January 7th).

They rented the room for one night.

However, the apartment’s employees noted the man leaving the room alone, so they opened the door and discovered the body.

The police are now tracing the suspect and believe this case is related to murder, driven by love affairs.