Murderer of two teachers in Rayong arrested in Chiang Mai

 | Mon 2 Dec 2019 14:06 ICT

CityNews – 30th November 2019, investigative officers from Rayong and Chiang Mai have arrested Supphakrit Sujasee, accused of murdering two teachers in Rayong.  Suppahkrit’s house in Saraphee had previously been searched by police after he became the main suspect in the case. However, he was arrested near the Burmese border in Chiang Dao District.

Arocha Suphanith and his wife Priyaporn Piang-ngam, both were teachers at the same school, and had financial problems which led them to advertise their Ducati motorbike for sale via Facebook.  Supphakrit was interested but did not bring money to buy it when he arrived at their house in Rayong.  Instead, he allegedly killed both teachers with a knife and a gun and made it look like a fatal violent struggle between the couple gone wrong. He then took the Ducati to sell to a garage and second hand motorbike shop in Chonburi for around 300,000 baht. Police in region 2 (eastern part of Thailand) already found and confiscated the Ducati as proof while the hunt for Supphakrit began in Chiang Mai after it was found that he flew back to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.

Later, on Saturday 30th November, the joining force of police from Rayong and Chiang Mai successfully arrested Supphakrit Sujaree on a warrant issued by a court in Rayong.  He was arrested with a friend who was helping him to escape. Supphakrit will be sent to Rayong to the court to be legally prosecuted.