Movie Style Bank Robber Foiled by Police

 | Fri 24 Apr 2015 03:48 ICT

CityNews – A bank robber was foiled by Doi Saket police after he tried to imitate robberies he had seen in the movies.

bank robber

24-year-old Thanisorn Thepna was arrested yesterday afternoon after he entered the Doi Saket branch of Bangkok Bank and began threatening the bank employees with a knife, asking for all their money.

Police seized a knife, helmet, clothes and gloves and a motorcycle without a licence plate.

Thanisorn admitted he was trying to rob the bank, imitating movies and news reports of successful attempts.

Police had noticed his suspicious behaviour and had followed him to the bank, prior to his robbery attempt.

Police say he traveled a long way, spying out many banks before he chose this branch, as it had the least people and the most visible escape routes.

The bike he was using was a rental bike and Thanisorn had removed the license plate earlier in the day.

He told police that his motivation was to try and repay his parents after he sold their pickup for 150,000 baht and then spent all the money. He is currently unemployed.

Thanisorn now awaits prosecution for attempted robbery.