Man Petrol Bombs Tattoo Shop Because They Couldn’t Teach Him

 | Wed 24 Aug 2016 04:56 ICT

CityNews – A Tattoo shop in Changpuak, Chiang Mai, was attacked with petrol bombs after the attacker was angry that they couldn’t teach him the art of tattooing.

tattoo bombing

On August 22, Police were called to the Tong Tattoo shop in Changpuak after it was bombed by a man caught on CCTV throwing a petrol bomb into the store.

The fire was put out quickly so not much damage was caused, but a neighbour’s dog was seen on CCTV urinating near the shop when the attack happened, sparking concerns that the dog may be injured in the attack.

After observing the CCTV, police identified the attacker as ‘Pai’, a man with a series of offences to his and his brothers name, and well known to the police.

According to the owner of the tattoo shop, the man visited his shop several days ago asking to learn how to tattoo, but he was turned away as the shop doesn’t provide any training courses.

It is believed this angered Pai and caused him to attack the shop with a petrol bomb.