Man Murders One Year Old Son and Attacks Wife After Drunken Rage

 | Mon 18 Jan 2016 04:21 ICT

CityNews – On January 13, a drunk man murdered his one-year-old son and injured his wife at his home in Sanpatong district.

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Police discovered the body of the one-year-old baby, Jirayu Laimangkorn, with a fatal cut to his throat, and the mother, 26-year-old Sujira Janthanan, with severe knife injuries.

The suspect, and father of the deceased, was identified as 37-year-old Surapong Laimangkorn.

According to investigations, Surapong had been drinking and then began fighting with his wife. The fight ended with him attacking his wife with a knife then murdering his one-year-old son.

After police were called, Surapong tried to escape but was later arrested by police after neighbours chased him to a gas station.

Police took Surapong to the hospital for a drug test and a mental health assessment.

Surapong’s drug test came back negative, and doctors concluded that he had no mental health issues.

After interviewing Surapong, the police concluded that he attacked his wife and son due to the stress from work and financial problems. The police say Surapong attempted to commit suicide after killing his son and injuring his wife, yet he was caught before he could do any serious harm to himself.

The wife and mother, Sujira said with tears, that her husband stabbed on in the neck and back before taking her son and murdering him. She also said that her husband had never injured their son before and he loved Sujira very much. She believed the attack followed her husband’s drunkenness.