Man Found With Explosives Arrested in Chiang Dao

 | Fri 11 Sep 2015 05:58 ICT

CityNews – At 10am on September 10, Police Lieutenant Colonel Rattakorn Inthanil told the press that police officials arrested a man at a roadside checkpoint for carrying multiple explosives and bomb making equipment.

explosives man arrested

21-year-old Mr Somchat Laoyipa was arrested after police found one M-26 grenade, one pack of C4, and a number of fuses and other bomb making equipment. Radios set up as trip switches were also seized.

Somchat has already been under police observation, resulting in police setting up a checkpoint in order to catch him unaware. He was arrested at the scene and was taken to the local police station for questioning.

He told police that a 25-year-old man known only as James, from Weing Heng, gave him the explosives to take and sell to an unknown person in Chiang Dao. He was paid 4,000 baht to transport the bombs.

The case is ongoing and Somchat is awaiting prosecution for being in possession of illegal bombs and weaponry and carrying them through residential areas.