Man Bombs Bar, Escapes and Crashes into Parked Car

 | Mon 16 Nov 2015 06:53 ICT

CityNews – On the night of November 13, police were called after there was an explosion at a bar caused by a homemade bomb in the Wat Gate area. Nobody was injured or killed.

bar bomber

Police were called after a suspicious person was seen escaping the scene after throwing one homemade bomb into the Parking Bar on Bumrungrad Road, followed by another bomb exploding outside the front of the bar.

According to a witness, Thitipat Likitrangsan, while her and her friends were sitting at the bar a bomb was thrown into the bar quickly followed by another explosion outside the front of the bar, followed by thick smoke.

People in the bar were alarmed and quickly separated.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the explosion.

According to the police, the homemade bomb was made from firecrackers which had been placed into bottles and filled with sand.

The bar’s owner told police he saw a suspicious man in a security uniform escaping on a motorcycle.

On the same night, police were informed of a road accident involving a motorcycle and a parked car a mere 300 meters away from the bar.

The man was wearing a security guard’s uniform and was rushed to hospital after rescue teams arrived at the scene.

Police successfully identified him as 49-year-old Somsak Khao-ngam from Chiang Rai, and suspect him to be man who placed a bomb at the Parking Bar.

Somsak worked as a security guard for a store next to the bar. The bar’s owner believes that he was the man who placed the bomb outside of his bar – possibly frustrated by the bar’s loud music.

Police have seized the motorcycle as evidence and are waiting for Somsak’s condition to improve before interviewing him.

The investigation continues.