Man Arrested for Shooting Gun in Air After Road Rage Fury

 | Tue 20 Oct 2015 10:13 ICT

CityNews – A man caught on film firing a gun in the air as a warning after becoming angry with another driver on the road has been arrested on October 19, and charged with carrying a gun in public and firing without reasonable intent.

shooting gun

40-year-old Niwat Wijarn, an owner of a construction company from Doi Saket, was in his car driven by his wife during the night of October 17. The car following them had a dashboard camera that caught him opening his window and shooting his gun four times into the sky.

After stuying the clip, police managed to identify his car by the licence plate and were able to arrest him.

Niwat told police that the car behind was tailgating them and flashing his lights full beam at them which annoyed him. He claimed he had 2 million baht in cash in the car and was afraid the car behind was looking for trouble. He was also drunk from drinking two jugs of beer.

He admitted to firing his gun to threat the driver behind him, who recorded the incident on his dashboard camera.

Police arrested Niwat for carrying a gun in public areas without permission and for firing the gun. They also seized the gun with 20 bullets.

You can view the clip here on our Facebook.