Malaysian Man Arrested with 19 Fake Credit Cards

 | Mon 10 Aug 2015 03:09 ICT

CityNews- Police Region 5 have released a statement detailing the arrest of 32 year-old Tan Tian Yong, a  Malaysian man. Tan was arrested for credit fraud and was found in possession of 19 fake credit cards. Police seized his passport and other documents.

จับมาเลจอมแสบ ปลอมบัตรรูดเงินในเชียงใหม่

The suspect used the credit cards around Chiang Mai area and recently bought plane ticket at Mae Ping Car Rent and Travel in Loi Kroh area.

Tan Tian Yong confessed that all credit cards were falsified by his Cambodian friend. All credits cards were his name but the card number are of different accounts.

The suspect was sent to Muang Chiang Police station. He awaits for prosecution