Krung Thai Bank in Pai Exposed for Embezzlement

 | Thu 10 Jan 2019 09:57 ICT

CityNews – Krung Thai Bank in Pai has been exposed for embezzlement, with 13 people claiming to have defrauded to the tune of four million baht.

Kunton Limchayanun shared a post on Facebook showing that money had been withdrawn from his mother’s bank account without her acknowledgement. He explained that his mother does not have ATM, cards or banking applications, explaining that she would go to the bank personally when she wanted to withdraw any money. On December 29th 2018, the amount of 290,000 baht was withdrawn from her Krung Thai Bank in Pai, Mae Hong Son but at that time she was in Chachoengsao, a south-central province. Kunton stated that the bank statement book is with his mother all the time and she never looses it.

On January 7th, Sukanya Suksawas, the manager of Krung Thai Bank Pai branch made an announcement that she will investigate the matter. However, on that same day another citizen came out with a similar story. Pongsak Jawae, a Pai residence, revealed that he has a Krung Thai account which he has been depositing his savings. On December 20th he requested a withdrawal at the alleged bank where the officer allegedly said to him that there was an issue with the system. Pongsak was given 50,000 baht in cash.

Pongsak’s daughter later checked the account using the bank book as a reference. It revealed that the last deposit was on July 16th 2018 with the total amount of 485,041.23. The book was later updated by Krung Thai officers three times since then, all by the same person. It revealed that Pongsak’s account had seen a withdrawal of 450,000 baht on July 23rd and then had a deposit of the same amount on December 20th, the day he requested a withdrawal. Now, his bank account is reportedly missing 21,000.77 baht from the total amount.

To date, January 9th, two other victims have reported similar cases of missing money.

The manager of Krung Thai Bank Pai branch announced on January 9th that she is able to identify the officer in question and the subject has been punished but refused to give any further details. She stated that 13 people have been embezzled by this officer of over four million baht. She apologised and added that all the missing money has been returned to the victims, and promises to tighten up the security measures of the bank.