Korean Daughter-in-Law Stabs and Kills Alleged Abusing Mother-in-Law

 | Thu 21 Jun 2018 08:46 ICT

CityNews – A Korean daughter-in-law stabbed her mother-in-law to death during a fight.

On June 21st, police set out to investigate, after receiving a report on a homicide case. The incident occurred at a residence in Mountain View, San Phi Suea. At the crime scene, police found the body of An Jung Ja, 76, from South Korea in her bedroom with a knife in her chest. There were signs of fighting all over the house, said the police. Brian Lee, An Jung Ja’s son who is from New Zealand, told police that the deceased was having a fight with his wife, Park Songhee leading to the homicide. He explained that his mother was suffering from Alzheimers and that she disliked his wife and used to abuse her daughter in law frequently even though she never fought back.

However, according to Brian Lee who witnessed the crime, his wife ran out of patience after the deceased smashed her head on the edge of the bed and hit her with items in the house. The suspect was sent to the hospital to tend to her wounds. Police have charged her with assault leading to death.