Italian Man and Ex-Wife Found Dead After Argument with a Gun

 | Tue 23 Feb 2016 09:30 ICT

CityNews – An Italian man and his ex-wife were found dead after a heated argument turned fatal on February 21.

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The bodies of Gian Luca Maynardi and his ex-wife Somjit Panpon were found in front of Maynardi’s home, with a Colt 0.38 and four bullet casings on the floor and a Prada bag with five bullets inside.

According to eyewitness reports, a fight began when Somjit came to pick up her 8-year-old son but found out that Maynardi – the father – had let their son go and stay at a friend’s house for the afternoon. The argument became heated and Somjit went out to her car to get a gun, bringing it back to threaten her ex-husband with it.

Maynardi then wrestled the gun out of Somjit’s hands before she ran out of the house screaming for help. She was shot to death by Maynardi before he turned the gun on himself, committing suicide.

The bodies have been sent for autopsy, and contact with both affected families has been made.

After hearing of this tragedy, we remembered that Citylife had published a story about Maynardi in the past. Mynardi was a self-confessed Citylife addict who said he read each and every issue of our magazine. After reading about an orphanage we featured many years ago, he felt compelled to do something about it. We didn’t know of any of this until he walked into our office in early June 2009 with a cheque for 110,000 for Good Wish Orphanage. Read about it here.