Hit-and-run Driver Avoids Victims at Police Station, Delaying Process

 | Wed 16 May 2018 05:23 ICT

CityNews – The hit and run incident last week that shocked locals has yet to come to a conclusion after the female driver refused to meet with the victims at the police station.

After a hit and run incident was reported, Police opened an investigation that resulted in the car driver to turn herself in several days after the collision happened. The victim, a man and his aunt were injured in the accident, with the 54 year old aunt suffering severe head injures that caused her to fall into a coma. She is still unconscious today.

Yesterday, May 15th, Police asked the female driver and the victims to meet at the police station at 10am to discuss the matter. However, the female driver who has still not been formally identified by police, arrived at 9.30am to give her statement accompanied by a representative and leave before the victim and his family arrived.

She left before the victims arrived, delaying the process. She refused to talk to the press.

Police have yet to press any charges against the woman, claiming a statement from the victim must first be made and that the two parties must meet together.