Gunfight With Police Encourages Crack Down on Illegal Weapons

 | Wed 3 Feb 2016 09:26 ICT

CityNews – Police promise to crack down on illegal gun owners after a gun fight between a villager and police officers broke out in Chiang Dao on February 3.

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A man named Alapa Laomoo was arrested after a fight broke out between him and the police in Thung Kai Puang sub-district of Chiang Dao. He was armed and threatened to shoot civilians and officers. He finally surrendered after he was shot in the stomach by authorities.

Police subsequently searched his home and discovered an array of illegal weapons including and M-16 and Shotgun.

Pol.Col Preecha Wimonchaijit of the Chiang Mai police station said that they will increase thier attention towards illegal gun owners to prevent situations like this occurring in the future.