German Arrested for Dealing Drugs

 | Mon 26 Oct 2015 07:48 ICT

CityNews – October 25, A German man has been arrested on drug charges after police arrested a Thai dealer who gave up the identity of his supplier to authorities.

german drug dealer

53-year-old Thomas Rainer was arrested in his rented house in Mae Rim on October 25 when police conducted a raid at 12.30am.

Rainer’s drug dealing came to light when a pub employee in the old city, 25-year-old Teeradet Chaichana, was arrested for dealing drugs to foreign tourists. He was found with 2.86-grams of cocaine.

Teeradet then told the police that his supplier was a man named Thomas Rainer who lived in Mae Rim.

Police seized 78 yaba pills and 36 grams of amphetamine in cigarette packets hidden in Rainer’s bedroom.

Rainer admitted to police that he had illegally brought in the drugs from Germany by plane, hidden in the cigarette packets.

However, he claimed that the drugs were only for personal use, and had never sold them – contradicting claims made by Teeradet.

The case continues.