Fraudulent Charity Collector Arrested

 | Mon 21 Sep 2015 07:50 ICT

CityNews – A man has been arrested for falsely claiming to be a member of a foundation for the disabled while collecting money from kindergarten and primary school students.

fraud money collector

36-year-old Sukit Supakit from Phra Nakhorn Si Ayutthaya province was arrested in the Prince Royal’s College after staff from the school called police.

Police seized 1,302 baht from Sukit and a large pile of envelops traditionally used for donating money.

Sukit confessed that he was fraudulently taking money from people so he could pay back a loan shark in Phra Nakhorn Si Ayutthaya province. He said that he could not manage the loan payments and interested which was at 20 percent.

He then escaped to Chiang Mai where he has been collecting money from many locations pretending to collect for an unnamed foundation for the disabled.