Foreigner Allegedly Robs Gold Shop

 | Tue 29 Aug 2017 09:50 ICT

CityNews – A foreigner is believed to have robbed a gold shop in Thanin Market on August 28th. The robber was caught on CCTV and the case is now under urgent investigation.

The gold shop employees who witnessed the incident told the police that it was around 2pm when a foreigner arrived with a cap and a flu mask covering his face. They noticed a remarkable scar on his face and a tattoo on his right arm. The man was intimidating them in a foreign language and dipped his hand into a backpack, indicating that he was carrying a weapon. That was when they realised that the man was trying to rob the shop. The employees were frightened and ran to hide in the back of the shop.

The man stole fifteen golden rings, each weighing half a satang or about 1.8 grams which are worth in a total about 40,000 baht. It was recorded on the CCTV that the whole situation occurred in about 30 seconds before the man fled on his motorbike.

It was reported today, August 29th, that the police has arrested a suspect and he now is under an interrogation.