Fake Dentist Snatches 7,000 Baht From Elderly Man After Drugging Him

 | Wed 7 Oct 2015 08:24 ICT

CityNews – A man claiming to be a dentist offering to make false teeth for an elderly man in his home in Lamphun, before drugging the man and escaping with 7,000 baht in cash on October 5.

false teeth robber

According to the victim, 86-year-old Boonmee Laping, the suspect, aged around 30 – 40 and 160cm tall and had a squint in one eye, came to his house and befriended the man before offering to make a set of false teeth for him at a low price. Before the victim agreed, the man put some liquid in his mouth that left him semi-concious and left his mouth numb.

The suspect then asked for 3,000 baht to make the false teeth but Boonmee refused because it was too expensive. The suspect then snatched the old man’s wallet and took 8,000 baht in cash. Boonmee shouted at the suspect and he threw one 1,000 baht note back at him before escaping on a motorcycle.

His daughter later took him to a clinic where he was checked by a doctor. According to the doctor, the liquid put in Boonmee’s mouth was dangerous.

The search for the suspect continues.