Drunk Driver Kills Cop by Crashing into a Motorbike at a Red Light

 | Wed 2 Dec 2015 04:54 ICT

CityNews – At around 4am on December 1, a car driven by a drunk man crashed into a police man’s motorcycle stopped at a red light at the Khuang Singh intersection, resulting in fatal injuries.

cop killed

Chang Phuek police were called to the scene, where the body of Police Senior Sergeant Major Sompet Somboon, 48, was found next to his motorcycle laying on the road.

Around 30 metres away from where the body of the police man was found, the police found a car with two men inside.

The police asked the two men to get out of the car. They first refused, but after some time and a small fight with the suspects, the police finally arrested both men. They were later identified as 29-year-old Chanin Noimatuan from Lampang, and 30-year-old Panchit Chainuwat of Muang Chiang Mai’s Chang Phuek sub-district.

Chanin, the driver, was found to be around three times over the legal drink drive limit at 154 milligrams.

Meanwhile, the police found Ice and equipment used to take drugs on Panchit, the passanger.

Chanin told police that he works as a manager of a Thai restaurant in New Zealand and is currently on holiday. He and his friend Panchit had come to Chiang Mai to visit Panchit’s home.

On the night in question, they went to a bar on Huay Kaew road and drank until 4am, after which they headed back to Panchit’s house.

They claimed they did not see Police Senior Sergeant Major Sompet’s motorcycle, which stopped at the red light.

After the collision, the motorcycle and the police man were thrown over 30 metres away, causing fatal injuries. Sompet died at the scene.

Chanin was accused of driving carelessly causing death to other and driving while being drunk.

Panchit was also accused of illegally possessing Ice.

Police Senior Sergeant Major Sompet was a patrol police officer of Chang Phuek police station. After leaving his work at around midnight, he went to watch over a building in the city, where he worked his second job.

He was on his way home when he was hit by the car.

The men await prosecution.