Chinese Call Centre Scammer Arrested

 | Wed 8 Aug 2018 08:07 ICT

CityNews – A Chinese call centre scam operation has been raided, leading to arrests.

The arrest occurred on August 7th at a housing estate in tambon Tha Sala following a police report concerning a possible Chinese call centre scam. The operation was targeting people living in China. According to the report, the scammers, based in Thailand, would make a call aboard and deceive the victims in to transfer money.

Police found four Chinese men at the hideout, Chen Bingwei, 25, Zheng Chunqiang, 27, Wang Jiqing, 17, and He Weijei, 25. All of them have been arrested and were charged for working without permission. Evidence included six laptops, over 10 mobile phones, and several computer hard disks.