Chinese ATM Skimming Gang Arrested in Chiang Mai

 | Wed 7 Feb 2018 06:29 ICT

CityNews – A group of Chinese card skimmers were arrested by Investigation Team Region 5 Police on February 5th, after they were found to be in possession of 24 golden plastic cards with magnetic strips, card readers and 20,000 baht in cash following an undercover investigation.

The skimmers, all from China, were skimming Chinese credit and debit cards used in Chiang Mai at ATM machines to then be fraudulently recreated and used here and back in China.

Over the past two weeks police have been investigation the skimmers after receiving reports by banks in the Chang Puek area that their ATM machines had been targeted by skimmers. According to police, the group would send details back to China before their boss send the card data for them to fraudulently copy the card and then withdraw cash from random ATM machines before transferring the cash back to China.

The estimated amount of money stolen and then transferred to China reached 1 million baht a day. Thai police are in contact with Chinese authorities and banks to further track the criminal gang. Those arrested wait prosecution.