Chiang Mai Zoo Loses its most Precious Commodity – for a while anyway

 | Wed 28 Aug 2013 09:37 ICT

CityNews – ‘Lin Ping’, Chiang Mai’s most beloved and lucrative panda will go back to China on 28th – 29th this September sources told CityNews. 

The panda will stay in China for a year and come back again after she has mated. The hire price for Lin Ping has also been increased for her return as CityNews reported this year. Lin Ping always brought in the crowds as the zoo held events for her birthdays that could fall on many days throughout the year, while she also predicted winners in sporting events, and celebrated just about anything Chiang Mai could offer. 

She is well prepared for the journey the zoo said, and in a good health. 

Groups of sad tourists have been turning up to the zoo to say ‘Good bye’.