CCTV Caught Another Thief

 | Fri 22 Jan 2016 06:25 ICT

CityNews – On January 21st, police arrested a man accused of theft, an incident which occurred on January 5th on Chang Klan Road.

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According to the police, the victim had parked her motorbike on Chang Klan Road and left her purse in the pocket of her motorbike in plain sight. Upon returning to her bike she discovered her purse stolen and later discovered that over 20,000 baht had been taken out of one ATM account and 400 baht from another.

The police contacted the bank where the withdrawals were made and found a clear image of the thief on CCTV, which they then tracked back to the location of the theft itself, through their Police Eye cameras.

The thief’s image was disseminated to police stations and it wasn’t until January 21st that his face was recognised by police as he was walking around Tha Pae Gate.

Upon being approached by the police the suspect ran and was eventually arrested. Warayut Supan, 24, admitted to the theft and said that he was from Bangkok and took a free train ride to visit Chiang Mai. He saw the purse and decided to take it. Later he guessed her ATM passwords by trying her date of birth, which was on her ID card and withdrew the money. He returned to Bangkok for a few weeks to spend the money but when it ran out he returned to Chiang Mai where he was eventually arrested.

He has been arrested and is being prosecuted.