Car Vandalised in Alleged Home Deposit Dispute

 | Fri 4 May 2018 03:51 ICT

CityNews – A coffee shop owner’s car was vandalised following an alleged deposit dispute with an old landlord.

On April 29th, a 37 year old woman reported to the police that her car’s windshield was smashed with a large rock. The incident occurred during the daytime. She realised what had happened when her neighbour informed her after they heard a smash followed by a car alarm.

After a brief investigation, police were informed that the attacker allegedly has a connection with a previous landlord of the victim.

The victim revealed that she moved out about two months ago before the end of her contract. The reason was not explained. The victim had asked the landlord to return her deposit which was 36,000 baht, but due to a conflict the matter was unresolved and she had filed a lawsuit which is what she believes led to the attack on her car.

The victim is asking for 20,000 baht in compensation once police find the guilty party. She also expressed fear of being assaulted physically during an interview with police on May 3rd.

The landlord accused has denied the claim but admits that the person who threw the rock at the car was his employee. He claimed the attacker might be upset after hearing about the lawsuit and might have carried out the attack without his knowledge.

The whereabouts of the attacker is under investigation.