BBQ Pork Vendor Steals Mobile Phone to Pay 1 Mill Football Gambling Debt

 | Thu 23 May 2019 17:03 ICT

CityNews – At 11am on 23rd May 2019 the police arrested Alin Saefang, 38, a Myanmar national, who had in her possession two mobile phones and a Suzuki motorbike, at her home in Chang Peuk Sub-district.

According to the police, on the night of the 22nd, the police were alerted to the fact that someone had stolen a mobile phone in Sriphum Sub-district. The victim, who was a technical college student, was standing with some friends on the side of the road when a woman, the alleged perpetrator, stopped to ask to use her mobile phone, claiming that hers had run out of battery. She then dialed, started speaking on the phone and then told the student that she had to ride around the corner to find her friend. She never returned.

Police used CCTV footage to track Alin to a pawn shop in Santhitam area where police learned of her name and address, leading to her arrest.

Alin confessed to the crime, saying that she had committed this same crime many times before to pay her football gambling debts as well as to pay for men she was supporting. She also said that her job selling grilled port wasn’t enough for her to live on and that was when she began to gamble. She said that her debts are now over one million baht.

Police say that prosecution proceedings have begun.