Axe Wielding Monk Attacks Abbot in Quarrel

 | Tue 26 Jun 2018 10:27 ICT

CityNews – A monk attacked an abbot with an axe to the head after a small quarrel broke out in a Mae Rim temple.

The assault took place at Huay Pha Pu in Pong Yaeng, Mae Rim, after a quarrel broke out between an 58 year old monk and a newly appointed acting abbot, aged 51. Both the monk and the abbots names have been withheld by the authorities, and there is no sign of either one de-robing.

Although the attack was not fatal, the abbot was hit on the head once with the weapon, cutting his head open slightly. A nun who witnessed the attack jumped in to obstruct the axe-wielding monk and was hit on her hand before other witnesses finally managed to pull the bad tempered monk off the victims.

According to police, the nun said in a statement that the monk had been continually harassing the new acting abbot ever since he was appointed to the monastery.

She stated that in the morning, while receiving alms, the two were arguing in front of those offering alms. The abbot ended up walking away from the situation out of clear embarrassment, according to the nun.

The attack took place as the abbot sat down to eat his breakfast. Police are now investigating the motive.