Attempted Rapist Arrested After Attack in Changpuek

 | Mon 22 Jun 2015 04:22 ICT

CityNews – A man has been arrested in connection with an attempted rape and robbery on June 18 in the Changpuek area.


Police arrested 24-year-old Nattawirot Titprom on June 19, in connection with an attempted rape on a woman (name withheld).

According to reports, Nattawirot approached the woman at around 12.30am June 18, wrapped his hand around her neck and strangled her while he attempted to rape her. He was stopped by the womans relatives who appeared on the scene shortly after. He then stole the woman’s mobile phone and managed to escape on a motorcycle.

After the crime was reported, police used facial descriptions from the victim to track and find the perpetrator. Later that day police arrested Nattawirot at his home in the Changpeuk area.

Nattawirot admitted to all charges.

He was later taken to the scene to re-enact the crime but was interrupted by friends and family of the victim, who attempted to beat him.