ATM Skimmers Arrested in Chiang Mai

 | Mon 2 Nov 2015 04:33 ICT

CityNews – November 1, two foreign men were arrested on suspicion of skimming ATMs in Chiang Mai after reports from Bangkok suggested the two men were using cards in Chiang Mai.

ukraine atm skimmers

27-year-old Yevhen Hrytsenko and 31-year-old Iurii Korobchenko from Ukraine, were arrested by Chiang Puak Police after a bank’s head office in Bangkok reported that foreigners already under suspicion had withdrawn money in Chiang Mai.

The two men were arrested when they were leaving their hotel, carrying a suitcase that contained a netbook, a card scanning machine, 138 ATM cards, flight tickets from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and 100,000 baht in cash.

They were planning on taking a songtaew to a restaurant in Chiang Moi before taking a taxi to Lampang.

The ATM cards in their possession had also reportedly been used in Europe before.