70 year old pedophile arrested for harassing a 4 year old

 | Thu 22 Aug 2019 14:16 ICT

CityNews – A 4 year old girl was sexually harassed by a 70 year old pedophile.

Sayun Jaruek, 70, was arrested on August 21st at an apartment in Ban Pae, T. Tha Sala after he was caught sexually harassing a 4 year old girl. An eyewitness reported that the girl’s mother was yelling for help to catch the man. Sayun who was trying to flee from the scene by motorcycle was restrained by people nearby before the arrival of police.

Sayun, a homeless man, claimed that he was concerned that the girl had been scratched by a cat she was playing with, so he lifted her skirt. While doing so he had the urge to pee, so he pulled down his pants and that was when he was attacked by the girl’s mother. He confirmed that his intention was just to check for the scratch.

Police did not buy his claim and after checking with CCTV footage, Sayun was found guilty of sexually harassment.