WarmUp high risk group all tested negative

 | Tue 12 Jan 2021 16:19 ICT

Following the recent spike of new cases believed to have been spread by partygoers over the new year who visited WarmUp Café, the pub has not only shut down, but all of its staff as well as clients who were deemed high risk have been tested for Covid-19 and quarantined.

On New Year’s Eve, according to the public health office, a 25 year old woman partied at WarmUp Café, three days later she tested positive for the virus, being labelled patient 50 to have contracted the virus in Chiang Mai.

Today the public health office announced that 17 of the most high risk people, as well as 19 members of close family of certain members of staff have been tested three times since they were quarantined on the 4th January, each test revealing negative results.

They will remain in quarantine for the full 14 days.