Varee International School freezes fees

 | Tue 9 Feb 2021 19:59 ICT

Varee Chiang Mai International School

Varee Chiang Mai International School (VCIS) has announced that it will freeze school fees in the next academic year. In an email to parents, the school explained that they wanted to show support for families struggling with the ongoing Covid pandemic.

The economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak have devastated Chiang Mai’s economy. Businesses have closed or are struggling, and the total loss is estimated to be 100billion baht, with no immediate reprieve in sight.

When asked about the freeze in school fees, VCIS director, Ajarn Varee Patravanich explained that it was to show support for families.

“Everyone has been affected by the pandemic”, she told us. “Our teachers, staff, parents and students have all suffered disruption and hardship, but we have pulled together as a community. Everyone has worked hard for each other and that mutual support lifts us all. Maintaining fees is the school supporting an effort of the whole community.”

VCIS is a leading Chiang Mai international school, established in 2010 and growing impressively ever since. The school is internationally accredited and follows the UK’s Cambridge Curriculum for primary and secondary school. The school has achieved an impressive academic record, and its students have been receiving wider, and even international recognition for their work and achievements.