Two more cases in Chiang Mai

 | Tue 31 Mar 2020 16:31 ICT

CityNews – 31st March 2020, in today’s daily briefing from the provincial hall, Dr. Charnchai Pojamanwiput, deputy director of Nakorn Ping Hospital, along with Ladda Saelee from the social security office, both announced that there have been two new cases reported here in Chiang Mai bringing the total number of cases up to 34.

Of the 34 cases, five have returned home. There are a further 664 cases which have been under monitoring, with 90 of those currently in hospital. Of the 2,614 cases of people returning to Chiang Mai from Bangkok and other provinces, 2,595 have been in self-quarantine and 19 are being closely monitored. As to the 828 people who have returned from Korea, 691 are being monitored, 123 home quarantined, seven placed in a special quarantine and eight being followed up upon. The breakdown of the 34 confirmed cases are that nine came from high-infection areas including one from China, four from the UK, one from Switzerland, two from Bangkok and one from Phuket. Three came into contact with known patients at home while the remaining 22 caught the virus at entertainment venues in Chiang Mai including Tawandaeng, In Tch, Pretty Exclusive Club, Sound Up and The Bewie Pub.