The Community Development Department raises standard of premium OTOP souvenirs and taps into e-commerce channels to support entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic

 | Tue 19 Jan 2021 10:32 ICT

The Community Development Department, under the supervision of The Office of Local Wisdom and Community Enterprises Promotion, recently launched a promotional activation for premium OTOP souvenir developed by 4 to 5-star OTOP entrepreneurs all over Thailand via popular e-commerce channels such as Facebook, Lazada and Shopee to support entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic. The activation, which was launched during the New Year holiday, made more than half a million baht in sales.

Mr. Suttipong Juljarern , Director-General of Community Development Department, said that the Community Development Department under the Ministry of Interior, recently raised the standard of OTOP products to become premium souvenirs from selected 50 entrepreneurs nationwide to participate in the campaign that helps further develop their products and packaging to appeal to the current market trend, while maintaining the integrity of the local identities and at the same time accommodating online distribution and modern logistics.

 The Community Development Department has committed to raise the standard of various categories of OTOP products to international level. However, the ongoing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic has gravely affected Thailand’s economy in many aspects, especially tourism where visitors from overseas are still not allowed to travel to Thailand. The devasting affect, starting prior to New Year holiday until presently, cripples the souvenir OTOP business that normally gains income from tourism. The department sees the opportunity to support this business segment through e-commerce channels, namely Facebook, Lazada and Shopee, where 9 souvenir sets are promoted to specific target groups. The selection includes “Northern Charm” that comprises 7 pieces of souvenir from northern provinces and “Auspicious 9” that compiles souvenirs with auspicious meanings to be given as gifts. During the trial period, the products generated up to half a million baht in sales.

For more details of featured products, please visit OTOP go Premium page on Facebook and OTOP go Premium online shops at Shopee Thailand and